April 22, 2021 AAG Seminar: Employment Law Update

Guest speaker Keith Hammond, with Hammond Law Center, covers changes in employment law that have occurred under the new administration. It is projected that Biden's team has an ambitious agenda for their first 100 days and Keith will cover all new changes implemented by the many recently issued Executive Orders as well as expected future changes.

Myra's Minutes

Wage & Hour Guidance in the New Teleworking Environment

Myra's Minutes

Updated CDC Guidelines for Return To Work

Myra's Minutes

New Payroll Tax Holiday Effective Sept 1st

April 23, 2020 AAG Seminar: COVID-19 Update

Guest speaker Keith Hammond, with Hammond Law Center, covers the impact of COVID-19 on businesses in relation to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) as well as the Emergency Leave Act and CARES Act.

April 17, 2019 AAG Seminar: EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE

Guest speaker Keith Hammond, with Hammond Law Center, covers a variety of topics this year including Medical Marijuana in the Workplace, ADA Accommodations, an Update on Wage & Hour and EEO-1, The Latest from the NLRB, as well as Some of the Major Employment Law Cases and What They Mean for Employers


Guest speaker Keith Hammond, with Hammond Law Center, covers topics including Employment & Immigration Law, Workplace Sexual Harassment, Wage & Hour Developments, Paid Leave Laws, an NLRB update, and much more. Guest speaker Chad Guyer discusses cyber risk & how to protect your company.


Curious about what changes the Trump Administration will actually bring to the table? Guest speaker Keith Hammond, with Hammond Law Center, covers topics including potential issues with employee handbooks, updates on the overtime rule, expectations for the new EEO-1 Report, as well as changes and future trends for the Affordable Care Act.


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On-Site I-9 audit assistance

To Friend or Not to Friend, Negligent Retention & HCR

New I-9 Form

Final Rules on HHS & Exchanges

Wage & Hour Investigation Checklist

Health Care Reform Updates

Auditing Procedures for Hires, Files, & Terminations

Healthcare Landscape & the Wellness Role

Legal & Legislative Updates

Controlling Worker Comp Costs

Health Care Reform

FL Laws

Managing Millennials

How to Document Employee Performance

Discipline & Discharge

Policies Coming Your Way

Holiday Parties

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

Essential Supervisor Skills

Job Descriptions

Employee Handbooks

Accommodating Disabilities: Sorting Through the Confusion

What Employers Need to Know About GINA

Top Five Stickiest Wage & Hour Problems

Interviewing and Compensation

Enforcement Updates and Recently Enacted Legislation

Holiday Parties

Health Care Reform

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Interviewing - What Not to Ask

Record Retention

Social Networking

Medical Marijuana Laws

Discipline & Discharge

GINA Update

Americans with Disabilities Act

Performance Management: Evaluating Employees

Basics of an I-9 Audit

Wage & Hour 201

Pending Legislation

1099 Employees

Preparing for Pandemic

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Cultural Differences in the Workplace


Essential Skills for Supervisors

Having Fun Without Getting Sued

Reduction in Force - Weathering the Storm


Rightful Discharge

Record Retention

Workplace Violence

Workplace Investigations

FMLA & ADA Leave Laws

Reference Checking in the Social Media Era

Immigration and Employment Verification

A New and More Aggressive OSHA

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