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Highly Trained Employee Benefit / HR Consultants backed by a staff of trained professionals in many fields of expertise.

The team has over 70 years of combined experience handling employee benefits in the Central Florida region. Our staff consists of Registered Health Underwriters (RHU), Registered Employee Benefits Consultants (REBC), as well as Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR) and their support teams. We additionally partner with multiple firms who specialize in employment law, and a team of subject matter experts in the industry. We research the benefits marketplace for the most cost effective health and ancillary products. We make it our responsibility to ensure your renewal is prepared in a timely manner and occurs smoothly. Everything from collecting the census to the post-enrollment billing audit is timelined to ensure efficient installation.


Owner, President
& Business Consultant

p: 1-800-940-0034

Registered Employee Benefit Consultant & Health Underwriter

Myra L. Bass took over as President of AAG from her father Chuck Smith. She has worked in the insurance industry since 1990 and holds designations including RHU (Registered Health Underwriter), REBC (Registered Employee Benefits Consultant), and Group Benefits Associate (GBA). She is currently finishing her certification for CEBS (Certified Employee Benefits Specialist).

Myra is responsible for coordinating the services provided by the AAG team as well as serving as the overall benefits coordinator and liaison for our clientele. She is additionally responsible for the design, coordination, and administration of our client’s benefits package to ensure our clientele are utilizing all tax advantaged strategies.


Director of Administration,
Human Resource Advisor,
Benefits Advisor,
Billing & Claims Consultant

p: 1-800-940-0034

Professional Human Resource Consultant & SHRM Member

Patty joined our team in May 2012, but she has worked with AAG for over 15 years. She has received her Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification as well as her Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) designation and is an active member of SHRM. She has a background in HR administration and management as well as knowledge in employee benefits and superior customer service experience.

Patty is responsible for managing your employee benefit enrollments, providing support on renewal and enrollment preparation, as well as providing customer support and researching employee claims.

Patty lives in St. Cloud with her husband of 30 years and two beautiful daughters.


Vice President,
Insurance & Claims Specialist,
Renewal Manager,
Billing Consultant

p: 1-800-940-0034

Registered Health Underwriter & Benefits Advisor

Luann has been part of the AAG team since 2004 when she started as a marketing intern while in college. Luann manages the client renewal process from start to finish to ensure they are prepared in a timely manner and that the annual enrollment occurs smoothly. She oversees the preparation of all renewal and enrollment materials with each specific client’s corporate culture in mind.

She is responsible for supervising the overall status of each client and their employee’s claims with the respective Benefit Advisors & Account Managers as well as provide assistance on escalated issues. She holds a BBA degree in Marketing from Stetson University. Luann has provided support for AAG from around the world (literally) including while she was in South Korea for a year and Hawaii for two years.



p: 1-800-940-0034


Charles (Chuck) Smith is the founder of AAG. He has been in the insurance industry since 1986 in the Central Florida area. He attended Jones College in Orlando, but his real education began while serving in military intelligence from 1971 to 1978. He was appointed President of Arvel E Smith & Sons, a premier citrus harvesting company in Lake County.

Following the freezes from 1983 to 1985, Chuck transitioned into the insurance and benefits field with MetLife. Feeling he could offer more customized and personalized service, he founded AAG in 1987. In 1991, Diversified Administration, a Section 125 Plan Administration company was purchased to round out the services and expertise AAG offered.


Benefits Advisor &
Billing & Claims Consultant

p: 1-800-940-0034

Benefits Advisor, Billing & Claims Consultant

Catherine joined the AAG team in January 2017. She comes from a strong background in patient billing & claims support.

She is responsible for assisting with employee benefit enrollments, providing support on client renewals, as well as providing customer support and researching employee claims.

Catherine is originally from Ormond Beach and currently resides in DeLand and is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan.

Client Testimonials


"Myra came to us through a referral and immediately after we met we had the most unusual incident happen at our company with an employee. She took the issue as seriously as if it was happening at her company, and we were not even a client yet! We had several conversations with one of her employment attorneys and we were able to resolve the situation while she was there encouraging us on. I was relieved to learn that I don't have to write a check for the services AAG provides. The only thing needed was to make a business decision to hire them to handle my employee benefits."


"Finding the fine line between providing my employees with a useful comprehensive benefits package while simultaneously monitoring associated expenses has proven to be challenging at best, and nearly impossible at worse. Thus, the assistance AAG has provided me has proven to be invaluable in helping me meet my organization's specific human resource needs while saving a great deal of money. When my CPA introduced us approximately 12 years ago, I was wrestling with an extremely complicated Section 5500 issue. Not only did AAG embrace the opportunity to help me find viable solutions for my problem, they have faithfully continued to work closely with me to develop innovative solutions for many of my organizations human resource challenges."


"I will begin by saying Myra is not like most vendors; our relationship is more of a partnership. I appreciate that we can have open, honest conversations. I manage 3 companies, two with over 50 employees, with one of those located in California. It's comforting to have an employer advocate that you can share ideas with, use as a sounding board, and expect a heartfelt and honest answer. In addition to the onsite monthly visits with our HR manager, AAG has offered to provide training sessions for our mid and senior level management team on topics such as hiring, discipline & discharge, as well as harassment prevention.

The entire AAG staff is great to work with. Twice in the past, we experienced a vacancy in our HR department. We utilized AAG for several months each time, to not only work as our internal (weekly in house) HR Manager but, additionally to run and review the ads, assist with interviews and to provide basic training for the new HR person."


"I was hysterical yesterday trying to deal with the normal office activities and get the employee mail-out put together to send out the benefits information to our field personnel for our upcoming open enrollment, so I never got the chance to tell you and your team what an awesome job you did with the package you prepared for me."

"It is apparent that you put an amazing amount of time, thought, and effort into making this employee packet informative, easy to follow, and practically goof proof for employees who will need to elect benefits without a normal open enrollment meeting. The way it was organized made it very easy for me to distribute and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you are willing to answer questions directly with the employees if they need to talk about their benefits."

"Your company is a first-class organization and I feel so much better about going into this New Year with the knowledge that our company has AAG, Inc. backing us up."

"Thanks again for making my hectic day survivable with your efficiency!"


"Myra isn't afraid to think outside the box and share her experiences from dealing with other employers. She understands we are a non-profit agency and works within our budget to help us offer the best programs for our employees at the best possible price.

Recently, we advised Myra that we needed some help with recruiting, explaining that our retention was not what it should be. She reached out to her contacts and we now have a vetting process, complete with personality profiles to ensure the right people are in the right job."


"From the first day we hired AAG, they helped with our open enrollment as well as a variety of matters from Human Resource questions to employee claims. Our assigned Benefits Advisor provides my employees with professional service on any matter that we need assistance with. She has worked on issues from acting as a liaison between our company and our COBRA Third Party Administrator to assisting me with any billing questions. AAG also audited each of my carrier invoices to ensure that all employees were enrolled in the benefits they elected during open enrollment."


"Our company changed from a PEO to AAG. With just one call to AAG, they introduced us to their group of professionals. The strength in AAG, Inc. is that they believe in a team approach by offering the best people from the best companies to their clients. Chuck and Myra introduced our team to the principals of each company so that we could offer our employees the best and most complete package."


"We were dissatisfied with the level of service that our Third Party Administrator was offering to our employees. AAG assisted in a near to seamless switch to another Third Party Administrator in the middle of our plan year. Additionally, they also facilitated the creation of a new Employee Handbook by putting us in contact with their Labor Lawyers on retainer."

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