AAG's Holistic Approach For Your Company

“Administrators Advisory Group understands that Human Resources is complex and involves many different parts. We work with you to ensure that each piece is functioning correctly, and that you have the resources needed to address any issue effectively.”

Human Resource Support

Monthly On-Site Training

Keeps you up-to-date on the regulatory issues that may affect your business including:

Health Care Reform


Americans with Disabilities Act

Wage & Hour

1099 employees

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act


Family Medical Leave Act

Record Retention

Workplace Investigations

Employee Handbook Audit

Ensure your handbook contains important policies such as:

Electronic Communication



Domestic Leave


Safe Harbor

Severe Weather

Cell Phone Usage

Complete HR Audit

Review of Documents, Policies & Procedures:

Pre-Employment Application

New Hire Packet

Time and Attendance Records

Personnel Files

Required Federal and State Postings

COBRA Compliance

Job Descriptions

I-9 Audit

Ensure Compliance

Complete & Compliant I-9 for All Employees

I-9 Correction & Completion

Retention Requirements

Welfare Benefit Plan

Plan Review

Summary Plan

Description Creation

Training & Development

Discipline & Discharge

Approaches to disciplining employees and how to avoid litigation when it is time to discharge an employee.

Sexual Harassment

Training on the different types of harassment and the steps your company is taking to prevent and deal with complaints.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Informative session regarding your current drug and alcohol policy.

Violence In The Workplace

Educational session on how to identify and prevent violence in the workplace.

Cultural Differences In The Workplace

Recognizing cultural differences in the workplace and introduce diversity training.

Record Retention

Training in record retention requirements.

Essential Skills For Supervisors

Essential skills for optimal employee interaction.

Training Workshops

Disc Workshop

Participants will gain an understanding of their personal behavioral styles and how to identify the styles of others for more effective interactions.

Communication Skills

Participants will be able to understand the challenges of effective communication and acquire/reinforce their current skills.

Time Management Skills

Participants will identify time wasting activities and implement time management strategies to improve productivity and performance.

Customer Service Skills

Participants will gain/reinforce customer service skills to help them perform and excel at their jobs.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Participants will learn how to give and receive feedback effectively as well as gain skills for giving a tough evaluation and having a positive outcome.

Interviewing Skills

Participants will acquire skills to conduct effective interviews & familiarize them with current employment law standards.

Coaching For Performance Improvement

Managers will learn critical skills for coaching employees who are not meeting expectations or those who are trying to reach a new level in their performance.

Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution

Participants will develop critical thinking skills to improve their problem-solving ability to allow them to think more creatively.

Performance Evaluations

Participants will acquire skills needed to conduct effective performance appraisals and provide feedback to employees. They will also learn the importance of a consistent & reliable termination process.

Employee Benefits

Benefit Plan Administration

Unbiased Benefit Research & Comparison

Comprehensive Market Research

Group Health

Life Insurance

Short & Long Term Disability

Dental & Vision

Supplemental Plans

Travel & Individual

Renewal Advice & Negotiation

Claims & Billing

Invoice Reconciliation

Claim Assistance

Benefit Communication

Benefit Communication Preparation

Electronic Enrollment Meetings

Employee Election Deduction Report

Renewal Audit

Tax Saving Strategies

Sec. 125 Cafeteria Plans





COBRA Administration

Implementation & Compliance

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