4 Tips for Beating Work-From-Home Burnout

May 10 - Posted at 9:00 AM Tagged: , , , , ,
Zero commute time, savings on transportation costs and takeout lunches, more time for mid-day workouts—there’s no doubt that working from home (WFH) has its benefits. But with many organizations choosing to stay remote for longer to protect their workforce from COVID-19, employees are finding this situation to be less than ideal.

The “freedom” of working from home comes with its challenges. Working parents are struggling to balance childcare and distance learning during working hours, pets are demanding attention at all hours and the constant interruptions of family or roommates can break focus and
productivity. Additionally, many employees have fallen into unhealthy habits and lifestyles—late nights, poor ergonomic set up, reduced physical activity and the inability to disconnect. Exacerbated by the lack of communication experienced in the physical workplace environment, an increasing number of people are suffering high stress, anxiety and burnout. Your workforce needs help and fast, before the effects of employee burnout begin to impact your business.

Included is a free brochure with information on how to recognize symptoms of employee burnout as well as tips to help employees prevent WFH burnout.
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