ACA Reporting Deadline Reminder

January 16 - Posted at 10:00 AM Tagged: , ,
Employers have until March 2nd to provide employees with a copy of their 1094/1095 forms for 2022, however IRS filing deadlines have not changed.
1094/1095 forms must be filed with the IRS:
  • By Feb 28th if filing via paper
  • By March 31st if filing electronically
Groups with 50 or more employees as well small groups (under 50 lives) with self funded or level funded medical coverage in 2022 are responsible for ensuring the 1094/1095 forms are prepared, filed with the IRS, and copies of form distributed to employees.
Small groups with under 50 lives may want to check with the self funded medical carrier to see if they handle the reporting requirement for you.

Please contact our office if you have questions on your requirements under the ACA reporting.
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