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Our payroll stuffer this month will focus on the important topic of Heart Health. It covers topics imporant to your employees such as:



Heart Disease & Diet

If you have high cholesterol, are at risk for heart disease or just want to follow a healthy diet, see what the TLC diet can do for you.


Nutty Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

If you have heart disease, nuts are healthier than many other snacks. You can easily incorporate them into your diet by adding them to your morning yogurt or adding to your favorite stir fry recipe.


Exercise Prescriptions

If your doctor writes you a prescription for an antibiotic, you are most likely going to take it. Research has show that people are likley to start and stick to an exercise program if their doctor tells them to do so…and actually writes them a prescription to exercise as well.


Step By Step Exercising with Heart Disease

Regular exercise can be safe and has many benefits such as improving cholesterol levels, helping you manage medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as increasing endurance and improving muscular strength and flexibility. Just be sure you are aware of any symptoms you might have before starting an exercise program that would make working out dangerous.



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