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Change to Daylight Savings Time May Increase Workplace Injuries

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On Sunday, March 10, 2013, most people in the USA will set their clocks forward one hour to start daylight savings time (DST). The loss of sleep brought on by the daylight savings time change may increase workplace accidents and injuries, according to researchers.


Most organizations have developed protocols for dealing with the technological requirements as a result of the time shift, such as adjusting the time on their computer systems and time clocks. Many employers, however, should be aware of the potential effects on employee safety caused by the start of DST.


Studies show that it takes most people a few days to adjust to the loss of one hour of sleep. According to a study in theJournal of AppliedPsychology, losing just an hour of sleep for those who work in a hazardous work environment could pose dangerous consequences.


Recent data collected by the Department of Labor found that the DST switch resulted a 5.7% increase in workplace injuries and nearly 68 % more workdays lost to injuries. Studies have shown that the loss of even one hour of sleep causes attention levels to drop off which can present a potential danger for occupations that require a high level of attention to detail.

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