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Nurse Hotline

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Imagine you are home cooking dinner on a Saturday night and you suffer a minor burn. You can not decide if the burn is serious enough to go to the Emergency Room or how exactly to care for the burn. Did you know that most major insurance carriers offer their members 24/7/365 access to a free Nurse Hotline for situations just like this?


These Nurse Hotlines help provide a free nurse to members who can help the member evaluate the best type of care for their situation (i.e. if they should go to the ER to have their burn looked at or if a home remedy will suffice). They can also offer members additional information on chronic conditions they suffer from, support when coordinating follow up care, or help direct them to other programs their insurance carrier may offer (i.e. weight loss discounts or free breast pumps to expectant mothers). 


For more information on your insurance carrier and if they offer this program, please contact our office. 

Nurse Hotline

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Imagine you are home on a weeknight and suffer a burn while cooking dinner. You are unsure if the burn is severe enough to seek care at your local Urgent Care or Emergency Room, but want some advice on it.


Did you know that most insurance companies offer a 24/7/365 nurse hotline as an added benefit with your medical insurance coverage? With just one free call, you can speak with a team of registered nurses who can offer you advice on if you should seek additional medical care or provide you with at home remedies to try. Most carriers even have access to an audio library where you can listen to a variety of pre-recorded information about various illnesses/conditions.


Please contact our office for more information on if your insurance carrier offers this service.

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