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Employers Get A Pay Data Reporting Reprieve – But For How Long?

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Despite a recent court ruling resurrecting the requirement that employers turn over compensation information along with standard demographic figures, the EEOC this morning unveiled its 2019 EEO-1 reporting system that fails to include any request for such pay data. It appears as though employers will not have to provide information about their employees’ 2018 compensation for the time being – although you should still be prepared for this to change at a moment’s notice, and should begin preparing for such pay disclosures in the near future.


January 2014 Monthly Topic- 5 Stickiest Wage & Hour Issues

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The topic this month focuses on identifying five of the stickiest Wage & Hour issues that employers face under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


FLSA class actions are up approximately 70% since 2000 and more than half of all the FLSA lawsuites being filed in Federal courts nationwide are being filed in Florida.


Some of these issues covered include:


  • Correctly Classifying Nonexempt vs Exempt employees
  • Permissible vs Impermissible Deductions from employee pay
  • Correctly compensating employees for ALL hours worked
  • Calculating overtime for nonexempt employees
  • How to properly implement any pay changes


Please contact our office directly if you have any Wage & Hour or FLSA questions and how it could be impacting your business.

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