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January 2014 Monthly Topic- 5 Stickiest Wage & Hour Issues

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The topic this month focuses on identifying five of the stickiest Wage & Hour issues that employers face under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


FLSA class actions are up approximately 70% since 2000 and more than half of all the FLSA lawsuites being filed in Federal courts nationwide are being filed in Florida.


Some of these issues covered include:


  • Correctly Classifying Nonexempt vs Exempt employees
  • Permissible vs Impermissible Deductions from employee pay
  • Correctly compensating employees for ALL hours worked
  • Calculating overtime for nonexempt employees
  • How to properly implement any pay changes


Please contact our office directly if you have any Wage & Hour or FLSA questions and how it could be impacting your business.

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